Capabilities Statement:


The key to a high-quality security firms is a stable and committed workforce.  The security industry is typically known for having an unstable workforce. VSCA enjoys high personnel retention rates of approximately 95%. VSCA has a Security Officer School/Training Facility and is proud of its training program.  We believe that our program and commitment to excellence distinguishes us from other security firms.  VSCA allocates 7% of its administrative expense to provide continuous training of our officers and employees.  On-site training opportunities are provided to enable officers and employees to better meet the needs of our clients, and corporate performance standards.  The VSCA training School has been certified by the State of Florida.

We have developed a salary structure that recognizes job performance and responsibilities.  Our compensation plan is fair and equitable.  VSCA’s hourly compensation is estimated as 10% higher than that of our competitors.  VSCA is owned and directly managed by professional retired Law Enforcement personnel.  We understand the need for professional security services and treating all clients with dignity and respect.  VSCA is the right size and best suited to meet your needs, and while we are not the least expensive security firm, we are by far among the best.



Here at Veterans Security Corps of America, Inc. We provide comprehensive internal management.   This in turn ensures proper protection for the client by providing the necessary project management supervision.

We provide technical assistance and advice to the client when formulating post order; and assure effective performance and a predictably reliable level of service.


Our philosophy is to perform any assigned task in an exceptional manner at all times and to demonstrate “Pride in Professionalism” to the highest standards of the industry.