Mr. George Beasley is the President of Veterans Security Corps of America, Inc. Mr. Beasley is a former Broward County Florida Deputy Sheriff and School Resource Officer and holds a Florida “MB” security license. Mr. Beasley sets the vision for the company to include the development of professional standards and operating procedures. Mr. Beasley started his company as a request to provide vulnerability assessment and security surveys for area businesses. Since 1984 Mr. Beasley has grown as a business owner, forming the current company in 2009. Through hard work, grit, determination, and dedication, Mr. Beasley has grown The Company to becoming one of the fastest growing minority owned security companies in the State of Florida. Mr. Beasley currently employs more than 150 armed, and unarmed security officers, all State licensed, certified and trained pursuant to the demands of the current solicitation. Mr. Beasley is a military veteran of the U.S. Air Force with an honorable discharge. His military occupation specialty was a military policeman.

Mr. Beasley has a “Hands On” approach to operating the business and is very active in employee development and quality control. He forges long term partnerships with our employees and our clients and it is not unusual to observe Mr. Beasley performing after-hour quality control evaluations and making unannounced site visits, all in an effort to ensure that we are keeping our commitments.

Mr. George Beasley is supported by several other security industry professionals who helps manage the day to day operations. These company executives collectively have more than 150 years of security and business management experience and are committed to listening and promptly responding to employee and Client concerns.

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Nathaniel Wood Jr

Mr. Wood holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from American University, Washington, DC, and an Associate Degree in Police Science.

He is the Vice President and a principal of VSC and handles all aspects of the licensing and certification.
In addition he has held Top Secret SCI 2007-2013 with the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Mr. Wood can be contacted at

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Nadine Hankerson, PhD

Her expertise in conflict resolution and her compassionate commitment to security and safety makes Dr. Hankerson a valuable asset to VSC.

She holds muliple titles within our company, a testament to her capabilities and knowledge.
She insures our guards are well-mannered and professional.

Dr. Hankerson can be contacted at

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Hommel Martin

Mr. Hommel is a former Plantation Police Department – Professional Standards Unit Training Coordinator & Hostage Negotiator.He has the responsibility for planning, conducting and coordinating training courses to new officers, and provide the necessary supervision, evaluation and continuing education to current employees. He improves the service of current security staff through random spot checks, quality control monitoring, regular inspections, time management and multitasking training, and conducts cross-questioning of existing officers to ensure an understanding of their duties and of their jobs and the law.

Mr. Hommel can be contacted at

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