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Silvertrac is a real-time information gathering and incident reporting system that allows our security guards to monitor and respond to real - time issues, task and events.

Our system provides secure access to a web-based application that includes real-time incident reporting, online issues and dispatch center monitoring, facility maintenance tracking and risk management assessment. Integrated smart phones enhance these features with supporting text, audio and photos gathered from the field.

With our Silvertrac software, the tablet/Smartphone provides security, parking and maintenance personnel with the exact details of a reported issue within moments of being reported. QR-Coded checkpoints on every tour don’t lie – you’ll know when patrols arrive and what they see in real-time.

Guards in the field report incidents, receive tasks and alerts, and scan checkpoints all from their Silvertrac app on their mobile devices. All security, maintenance and parking issues are now able to be handled remotely and appear in the real-time issue monitor online. This way dispatchers, supervisors, and administrators all have live data to proactively monitor and resolve any issues.

Every issue submitted from the security guards in the field, web users, the dispatch or control center, or from the issue monitor is automatically updated in each applicable report.

All reported issues are time stamped and assigned an automated tracking number. The Smartphone also allows security personnel to take time stamped photographs and record audio files that are automatically attached to a reported issue.

All information is received in real-time and tracked through the online reporting system. All clients of Veterans Security Corps now have the capability to view the online reporting system from anywhere in the world with Internet access 24 hours a day.

Field users can scan QR codes to automatically populate all of the applicable reports and provide the added assurance of accountability. Upon scanning the QR code, specific instructions pop up on the screen to remind the user of the specific instructions for that location.

You will view detailed reports including daily activity reports, incident reports, and summary report along with trending information to help you improve. You can also view guard performance metrics so you can be sure that every job is getting done the right way every time.

Our security team and the maintenance personnel are partners in the overall success of your property. By working closely with the maintenance team, we can do our job much more efficiently and eliminate a number of potential issues. Working alongside your maintenance team members, and reporting issues notices after hours can get them resolved sooner, and save you time and money in the process.

We strive to build a management team that believes in your values and understands your business.

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Other Surveillance Options

Mobile Wireless

Professional security patrolling with outdoor wireless cameras. Enjoy the benefits of high-end professional wireless security camera systems combined with uniformed guard patrols. Each guard can access and monitor areas wihtin his pervue remotely while on patrol, allowing for earlier intrusion detection and faster response times.

Schools & Campus Security Monitoring

School and Campus Security Services including on-the-spot recording with HIGH RESOLUTION Video with sound! Every guard can be equipped with a hidden monitor when patrolling, recording up to 2 hours everything they see and hear, reducing lawsuits while protecting life. Mobile units also have dash cams recording all suspicious activities, illegally parked vehicles and other hazards.

Vehicle and Parking Access Control

For all types of vehicle access control solutions. Using digital license plate recognition software, the vehicles are identified and authenticated by their license plate numbers. Every vehicle leaving or entering the gate is monitored and a picture taken. Data like vehicle images, time stamps etc are stored in the database for future reference.

Total Remote

Protect your investment, property, or anything that matters to you with remote surveillance wireless cameras monitored remotely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Relax, you know that we have your back!

Electronic Building Management Security Systems

The integrated electronic security systems we install are based on proven technology. Intruder detection systems, Personnel access control systems, Facial or Biometric entry technology, remote door lock/unlock and more to keep your building secure,

Gated Community Access Control

Always neatly attired, and with a professionl demeanor, VSC guards will patrol your business facility, check credentials and secure property as required. In many instances, they also receive event and facility specific training for many contractural assignments.

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