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Our team:

Kevin A. Williams


Mr. Williams holds a Bachelors Degree from Bethune Cookman University and a Masters of Science from Nova Southeastern University.

With over 12 years experience in the security industry, and a former security guard himself, Mr. Williams is eminantly qualified to be our President and is a valued leader in our firm.

Mr. Williams can be contacted at

Nathaniel Wood Jr.

Vice President

Mr. Wood holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from American University, Washington, DC, and an Associate Degree in Police Science.

He is the Vice President and a principal of VSC and handles all aspects of the licensing and certification.
In addition he has held Top Secret SCI 2007-2013 with the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Mr. Wood can be contacted at

Nadine Hankerson, PhD

Conflict Resolution Training/New Business Development

Her expertise in conflict resolution and her compassionate commitment to security and safety makes Dr. Hankerson a valuable asset to VSC.
She holds muliple titles within our company, a testament to her capabilities and knowledge.
She insures our guards are well-mannered and professional.

Dr. Hankerson can be contacted at

Mike Howell

Area manager ‐ Orlando Area

Mr Howell is in charge of the operational practices of all locations making sure each runs smoothly, cleanly and meets any budget and sales goals and is complying with any customer requests and procedures.
He interviews, hires, coordinates and disciplines our security staff, and checks in on individual locations to make sure the property is secure, protected and patrolled. Mr. Howell creates and maintains budgets, reviews security and incident reports, makes recommendations, and coordinates with client representatives to insure the safety and security of the properties Veterans Security Corps is entrusted with.

Mr. Howell can be contacted at

Martin F. Hommel

Security Officer Trainer

Mr. Hommel is a former Plantation Police Department - Professional Standards Unit Training Coordinator & Hostage Negotiator.He has the responsibility for planning, conducting and coordinating training courses to new officers, and provide the necessary supervision, evaluation and continuing education to current employees. He improves the service of current security staff through random spot checks, quality control monitoring, regular inspections, time management and multitasking training, and conducts cross-questioning of existing officers to ensure an understanding of their duties and of their jobs and the law.

Mr. Hommel can be contacted at

About VSCA

The key to a high-quality security firms is a stable and committed workforce.  The security industry is typically known for having an unstable workforce. VSCA enjoys high personnel retention rates of approximately 95%. VSCA uses a top rated Security Officer School/Training Facility certified by the State of Florida and is proud of its training program.

VSCA is owned and directly managed by professional retired Law Enforcement personnel.  We understand the need for professional security services and treating all clients with dignity and respect.  VSCA is the right size and best suited to meet your needs, and while we are not the least expensive security firm, we are by far among the best.

For more information, please contact us at

latest news

Additional Location added

With the expansion of our offices into Orlando, we have increased our services. We can now offer Security Patrols in Central Florida.

Additional Staff added

With the expansion of our offices in Ft. Lauderdale, comes expanded services. We can now offer Convention Center security.

Ft. Lauderdale

Accelerated growth in the Fort Lauderdale area has required us to increase our office space requirements. Come visit our new offices.


With the expansion of our offices in Ft. Lauderdale, comes expanded services. We can now offer Convention Center security.

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